== Configuration Settings ==

Configuration settings are found in the 'wsubi.exe.config' file.

As you might have guessed, this path tells the program where to look for all of your scripts. You can change it to point to any accessible folder on your machine.
  • <add key="ScriptsFolder" value="C:\Projects\wsubi\scripts\" />

This path points to a text file containing key-value pairs of shortcut combinations that can be used at runtime. This saves you the trouble of retyping command calls and parameters for scripts that you use regularly. You can put as many shortcuts as you want in the file, but you can only use each key once. The value is whatever you would type after 'run ' at the [~wsubi] prompt. You can change it to point to another file on your machine, but the contents must follow the entry format listed below.
  • <add key="ShortcutsFile" value="C:\Projects\wsubi\shortcuts.wsbi" />
  • Sample entry - x|xls_extract.ps1 -filepath "C:\Spreadsheet.xls" -output_type "csv"

Allows you to specify a location for output files. An 'output' folder is included with the download, but you can use any accessible folder. If this setting doesn't exist in your config file, or the location you specified is invalid, the output files will be created in the same directory that wsubi.exe is running from.
  • <add key="OutputFolder" value="C:\Projects\wsubi\output" />

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