Setup Instructions

1. Download the latest version of wsubi from the project's Home page.

2. Once you've finished downloading the .zip file, unzip it and place the new folder wherever you'd like on your machine. If you have a previous version of wsubi, just paste the new folder over the existing folder. Be aware that pasting over the wsubi.exe.config file will overwrite any settings changes you made since the last update.

3. Within the 'wsubi' folder you will find a 'scripts' folder. Place any script files you want to use with wsubi in this folder.

4. Within the 'wsubi' folder you will find a 'wsubi.exe.config' file. Edit this file, and change the value for key "ScriptsFolder" to point to the location of your 'scripts' folder mentioned in Step 3.

5. There is also a 'ShortcutsFile' key within the 'wsubi.exe.config' file that points to the 'shortcuts.wsbi' file included with the download. The program will use this file by default, but you can change it to any text file on your machine. View the main Documentation page for more details on creating shortcuts.

That's it! You can now use wsubi to run and manage your scripts. There's also a README.txt file in the 'wsubi' folder with a copy of these instructions and a few links for additional information.

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